Cold Brewing; The simplest form of all chilled teas

Never heard of a cold brew? You have been missing out my tea loving friends!

Forget those sugar laden chilled iced teas, cold brewing tea for hot summer days is so easy and delicious you might just make it your thirst quenching go to summer brew.

Gin and Tea at The Apple Tree

Our friends and stockists The Apple Tree Gift Shop and Teahouse in Derby, have always championed our teas

Rooibos the Secret Super Tea

Lots of people enjoy drinking rooibos tea, but only a few people know the many things that the bark of this South African tree can do!

Chai Teashake Recipe

“Say hallo to my little friend” the teashake. Ok ok I get it, tea and milkshakes may not be an obvious combination but trust me on this one, you are going love this and so are the kids!

Why you shouldn’t re-boil the kettle

Many of us think nothing of re-boiling water in the kettle to make our morning
cuppa, but did you know you really shouldn’t be re-boiling that water?