Rooibos the Secret Super Tea

Lots of people enjoy drinking rooibos tea, but only a few people know the many things that the bark of this South African tree can do!


We all know the many health benefits that drinking green tea boasts, but rooibos, we like to pronounce it ‘roy-boss’ also known as redbush, is an underrated all round super tea. Now lets chat about all the benefits this super tea offers.

It’s Naturally Caffeine Free: Rooibos contains no caffeine and is excellent for all the family from children to pregnant women and being caffeine-free can be enjoyed all day with no danger of dehydrating or lying awake at night and tastes great hot or cold as an iced tea.

It’s an Antioxidant: Free radicals do many different types of damage in our bodies every day, but thanks to the flavonoids present in rooibos and their antioxidant effect, these free radicals are herded up and transported out of the body. Thanks to this cowboy herding technique, rooibos helps to prevent cell ageing and many other illnesses and inflammations which are aggravated by free radicals.

It’s an Allergy Symptom Saviour: Allergy-sufferers have found that rooibos is a potential new weapon. Rooibos is believed to prevent the release of histamine, thereby helping to prevent allergic reactions and inflammations.

It’s an Immune System Booster: The active agents contained in rooibos are also credited with having a positive effect fighting many different viruses and bacteria. Rooibos is also used to treat fungal infections, as it has a fungus-inhibiting effect. Thanks to these characteristics, rooibos helps to strengthen your immune system.

It aids Detoxification: Rooibos has a positive effect on the liver and helps the body’s purging process, aiding with detoxification.

Rooibos tea may have many benefits but it is also a delicious and naturally sweet calorie free alternative to other drinks and snacks. Our Apple Pie Rooibos smells and tastes amazing, just like a slice of homemade apple pie and if you’ve never tried rooibos before we sell sample sizes taking the risk out trying something new.


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