Brewing Loose Tea the Tea Loft Way

You’ve made the first step to enlightenment and purchased your first batch of loose leaf tea, so how to brew a cuppa with it? This is a question, with many answers, methods and contraptions, but i’m going to share with you the simple satisfying way I brew the perfect cuppa rosie lee (I’m a London girl what can I say).

Firstly you don’t need a tea pot, tea strainer or fancy filter. “What is this madness” I hear you mutter, well bare with me and all will be revealed…

  • Get yourself a french press; also known as a cafetiere, coffee press, coffee plunger…put your chosen tea into the french press for however many cups you are making, remembering you don’t need to ‘add one for the pot’ this is quality tea after all.
  • Next pour in the correct temperature and amount of water for your chosen tea and pop the lid on the french press keeping the plunger up (more on water temperature later).
  • Now sit back and admire your tea infusing, for the recommended steeping time.
  • Time’s up? Ok now gently push the plunger down, gently does it this isn’t ground up coffee beans it’s delicate whole tea leaves and beautiful flower blossoms.
  • Pour and enjoy.

That’s it, simple hey?

So why do I use a french press? It’s not madness it’s genius I promise you.

Loose leaf tea is a beautifully magical sight to see and I don’t know about you, but I want to see my tea infusing. Yes there are glass tea pots on the market with integrated filters and you can buy little filters to put into your mug, but a quality loose leaf tea like the ones we sell are blended with whole leaves and flower blossoms and they shouldn’t be confined. They should be free to swirl around the pot as they meet the water and have room to unfurl and re-blossom as their beautiful flavours permeate the water. Each tea also creates stunning infusions of colour and you should be able to admire this, so that is why I choose to brew my tea in a french press and hopefully you will too.


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