Why you shouldn’t re-boil the kettle

Many of us think nothing of re-boiling water in the kettle to make our morning
cuppa, but did you know you really shouldn’t be re-boiling that water?

Tea enjoyment starts with the right water, please, please, please If you do nothing else always use fresh water in your kettle, don’t re-boil water that has already been boiled, why? Well the simple answer, it really does affect the taste of the tea, but the more scientific reason is each time you re-boil the water you are reducing the oxygen content and concentrating if not altering the chemical compounds naturally found in water, so if you want an elegant cup of tea every time then fill the kettle with fresh water every time.

Another little note about water, for our high quality teas to develop their best flavours, soft water is crucial. Unfortunately the majority of the UK has hard water, but it’s really easy to reduce this and make your water soft at home for drinking by using a water filter jug, and Brita water filter jugs are perfect for this, they even do kettles now with a built in water filter making it even easier.


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